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The Expanded Flower Of Life

Somewhere in about 2011/2012 is when I was first introduced to the term “sacred geometry” I was approached by a couple of online connections and was asked if I could work with them and do two hour long podcasts. The first podcast that I was given task to host was going to be about sacred geometry. I really didnt have much of a concept of what it was, let alone hosting a podcast about it. But the producer assured me that I would learn the concepts by inviting experts on this particular subject and after a moment of thought, I agreed with him.

I was very excited to learn about this concept and so I began digging and searching the web to see if I could understand this mystical science that seemed complex in its simplicity. I found a good place to start with a youtube channel called Spirit Science. There, I was able to glean alot of information about the seed, the flower, and the tree of life and some its ancient origins; It was all so fascinating and enlightening! And over time it started to make sense on so many levels. If for no other reason just as a figurative way to show that everything in infinite and connected as a tree is to all of its branches, roots, and leaves. Oneness, that spiritual buzz word that we all hear or see somewhere in spiritual circles.

I have a very rudimentary grasp of spiritual/science and the flower of life but I am much further along than I was 6 years ago when I was tasked to educate the public on it. Approximately one year ago I met a few other like minded individuals through an organization called HOPEvolve dot com, or Helping Other People Evolve ,created by David Hopkins and I was invited in to a group that were helping each other share our online content. Our mission was to help enlighten others and spread our missions of love and ascension. It wasnt long after that I met two of the most spiritually gifted people that I had ever met.

I met Sevi Costeras first. She was a very sweet, kind, and unconditionally loving person with very attuned psychic abilities. together there were about five or six of us that became pretty fast friends and began to astral travel as a group to different locations of the past and present to see if we could discover or uncover some of life’s biggest mysteries from the sphinx, to the angelic realm ,to the ancient city of Atlantis. for about two months straight we were remote viewing a different location almost every week. Through these team astral projection’s is where I really got to know Ryan Aguilar alot better. Ryan is a teaching musician with a passion for drawing the flower of life. And over very short time these flowers became much more than just flowers, they became psychic portals. They became more intricate and complex with every new drawing.

Also during this time ,Sevi and Ryan became very close and they both realized that the connection between the two of them was much stronger than an online friendship and it also quickly evolved in to a true love connection. Since then they have been working together to create these beautiful pieces of mystical architecture. Sevi psychically travels through every one of Ryans drawings and interprets them and what messages they bring. There story is one of true love and a great example of soul mates. Together, they have created ONYRA Sacred Geometry with Guided Consultation

You can watch how well they work together here with Tammy Wennerstrom on The ULPLM youtube channel.

If you would like to support our content at ULPLM ,you can become a patreon member at

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