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i was born to see the beauty in this world we all live in. i believe i was born to clear up a debt i lived in my previos lifetime. Im far from perfect and made alot of mistakes in life. Im needing to walk a different path, lifes thrown me down many times since the day i was born. and somehow i never stop seeing the light, always saw the good in people, never was materialistic, anotherwords never gave up hope, even though things were hopeless. im a picses so i guess that means im a true believer. i lost the two most important people in my life this past year, I have learn very important things about life and how dark this world can be. But I showed and brought light into their life i know.

My name is Michelle Bercier, and im live in canada, im first nation indeginous aboringinal cree. im from the bear clan, and my goal goal is to have my own sweatlodge and sundance, as well bring back some medicines into ceremonies/sweat lodges that were band by our new comers that took over our land. The pipe is sacred and should be used properly in ceremonies and in sweat lodges. we need to teach our children our tradtions and our old ways of living like our ancestors have. starting with the 7 traditions, Woman are sacred and should be treated with respect. we need to honor all woman.


Michelle Bercier
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